joshua blount is all over the internet''enReturning to Web Development<p>After about six years of building a video production business I'm exploring employment offers in web development again.</p> <h2 id="no-linkedin-no-resume" tabindex="-1">No LinkedIn, No Resumé <a class="direct-link" href="" aria-hidden="true">#</a></h2> <p>Since I don't have either of the aforementioned documents, here's a timeline:</p> <ul> <li><strong>2002</strong> - I stopped trying to finish a BS in COMP SCI at University of Central Florida and started doing web development, primarily as an employee for the first few years and later as a contractor</li> <li><strong>2017</strong> - I started taking on video clients and telling my software clients I was moving away from web development for my work</li> <li><strong>Early 2020</strong> - I got doxxed / arrested + COVID so I became a fulltime stay at home dad / house husband to support my parter and kid (I also deleted most of my accounts so that the people harrassing me couldn't get to my clients, including my LinkedIn)</li> <li><strong>Late 2023</strong> - After three years of slowly taking on more debt as we relied on my partner's income I start calling old employers looking for work</li> </ul> <h2 id="why-the-pivot-to-video" tabindex="-1">Why the pivot to video? <a class="direct-link" href="" aria-hidden="true">#</a></h2> <img src="" alt="video monitor shows people talking and some nerdy info" /> <p>I've been producing short videos and clips since the first time I touched a camera, but didn't think of it as anything beyond a hobby until after our kid was born and I bought my first DSLR.</p> <p>Like many nerdy parents I became engrossed with the camera and the processs of producing beautiful images. Soon I was working on short video ads for my employer and trying to find other opportunities to hone my craft.</p> <p>By 2017 I took on my first paying video clients and turned it into a thriving consultancy. Non-profits, developers, churches, real estate agents and various other clients hired me to produce a range of video assets and while I never got where I wanted to be, I was paying our rent doing video production work and having a lot of fun filming.</p> <h2 id="why-change-now" tabindex="-1">Why change now? <a class="direct-link" href="" aria-hidden="true">#</a></h2> <p>When I was doxxed and arrested in 2020 I went through the process of deleting any of the public social media acccounts that attached me to any of my clients and shut down my business so I could focus on being a stay at home dad / house husband.</p> <p>This plan went really well and was one of the best decisions I've ever made - my family is closer and more thoughtful than ever - but financially speaking it's been devastating.</p> <p>Initially I assumed I'd return to video work but as I survey my options I realize that I don't currently have the emotional capacity to both do a &quot;day job&quot; and run a business (including securing new clients) while maintaing my role doing most of the domestic labor at home.</p> <p>So, I'm hoping to plug into an existing team so I can be helpful to their goals while maintaining my own personal creative projects and keeping our household running.</p> <h2 id="i'm-all-ears" tabindex="-1">I'm all ears <a class="direct-link" href="'m-all-ears" aria-hidden="true">#</a></h2> <img src="" alt="me playing guitar amongst computers looking happy" /> <p>The only websites I've made in the last couple years are this site and <a href="">my podcast</a>, but if you know someone who could use an overly experienced web developer who may need a few weeks to catch up I'd love to hear from you: <a href=""></a></p> <h3 id="update" tabindex="-1">Update <a class="direct-link" href="" aria-hidden="true">#</a></h3> <p>A few months later (Jan 10th, 2024) and I wanted to drop in an update here that after a few phone calls and interviews I don't think I can do a typical web development gig. They almost all require monitoring users without consent via analytics tools and I'm going to try and avoid that.</p> <p>Back to video editing I guess!</p>Thu Oct 19 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)Joshua Blount<p>New year, new patched up blog, let's see how this goes.</p>Mon Jan 02 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)Joshua Blount