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Returning to Web Development

After about six years of building a video production business I'm exploring employment offers in web development again.

No LinkedIn, No Resumé

An update on the LinkedIn / Resume thing

Since I don't have either of the aforementioned documents, here's a timeline:

Why the pivot to video?

video monitor shows people talking and some nerdy info

I've been producing short videos and clips since the first time I touched a camera, but didn't think of it as anything beyond a hobby until after our kid was born and I bought my first DSLR.

Like many nerdy parents I became engrossed with the camera and the process of producing beautiful images. Soon I was working on short video ads for my employer and trying to find other opportunities to hone my craft.

By 2017 I took on my first paying video clients and turned it into a thriving consultancy. Non-profits, developers, churches, real estate agents and various other clients hired me to produce a range of video assets and while I never got where I wanted to be, I was paying our rent doing video production work and having a lot of fun filming.

Why change now?

When I was doxxed and arrested in 2020 I went through the process of deleting any of the public social media accounts that attached me to any of my clients and shut down my business so I could focus on being a stay at home dad / house husband.

This plan went really well and was one of the best decisions I've ever made - my family is closer than ever - but financially speaking it's been devastating.

Initially I assumed I'd return to video work but as I survey my options I realize that I don't currently have the emotional capacity to both do a "day job" and run a business (including securing new clients) while maintaining my role doing most of the domestic labor at home.

So, I'm hoping to plug into an existing team so I can be helpful to their goals while maintaining my own personal creative projects and keeping our household running.

I'm all ears

me playing guitar amongst computers looking happy

The only websites I've made in the last couple years are this site and my podcast, but if you know someone who could use an overly experienced web developer who may need a few weeks to catch up I'd love to hear from you: hi@joshuablount.com

An Update

For what it's worth after several months of job searching I now have both a LinkedIn and a resume, which I'm happy to send to you via email if you'd like.