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What Sort of Web Development Exactly?

I did web development for a long time a long time ago, and while I don't have a public résumé or LinkedIn for various reasons, here's a little sketch of what I've done in the past.

Early Projects

I started doing some light html and programming as eaerly as 1997 while tinkering in highschool. My first paid projects started in 2000 with a few projects with small local companies. Generally I was responsible for everything including design and testing what amounted to brochure sites with contact forms for the most part.

First Full-time Roles

The first few full-time jobs I had in web devleopment were between 2006-08 were a series of marketing companies with web departments. Lots of hotels and real estate stuff, PHP, ColdFusion, and typically supported by a full design department handing over mockups and providing feedback.

First Freelace Stint

Dow Jones, Miley Cyrus, Dollywood and Google were all clients I invoiced between


You know what the fuck time it is

Fight for the Future

This was cool of me

Retrun to freelancing 2013-2017

Starbucks, Old Navy, Google (they can't get enough!), and a dozen or so local agencies were my clients for the last few years of web development freelancing I did. Lots of javascript front ends built on someone else's API, work with MLS systems,


I had a few remaining development clients while I built my video production business before 2020, but in the last three years the only websites I've worked on are the @PDXFTL website and this (both are built with @11ty a statick site generator that I really enjoy using).

One interesting little project was Music Fight a tiny projec that lets people choose between two of my stock beats to help me rate them. The votes get registered to an API somewhere and when the site gets rebuilt the numbers update appropriately. Did that at some point in 2021 because I was having a hard time telling which of the different tracks was higher quality.

I'm writing all this out in hopes it will help provide some context for my broad technical background. I'm not sure what sort of web development job I might be the best fit for right now, but I'm confident I could be succesful with a variety of positions and teams.