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My First Computer (in years)

Back in mid 2020 I gave away my MacBook Pro in order to pursue using my iPad as my only computing device. I was probably experiencing burn out at some level after a couple decades doing software and needed to introduce change into my life.

It was never exactly perfect but I was able to get a lot done (including building some websites!) even if I was never quite as efficient as I had been with a "normal computer".

The New Setup

Last month we found a good deal on a used "gaming laptop" for the kid, who then gave me his ~12 year old hand-me-down desktop computer.

The desktop is a 7th generation something or another but it has 16GB of ram and a big 4TB disk for media along with a smaller SSD to run the operating system from along with enough onboard video card juice to power two 1080p displays.

So far the only thing that feels slow is when I'm moving around large files on the spinning disk hard drive, everything else seems snappy and responsive.

Projects I'm Hacking On

Here's a few projects I've been poking at in between job applications and business emails - really enjoying the tinkering experience and finding tools to solve some problems.

Cool Software

Having a desktop PC running Ubuntu has also provided me a few opportunities to play with some software as a consumer: