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Available: April 7, 2024.

I'm currently available for new contracts doing video editing or software development.

Also intersted in full-time offers of employment for the right position.

Email hi@joshuablount.com so we can talk about how I can help!



I spent 15 years building websites and web applications for a variety of clients including Starbucks, Canonical, Google, Dolly Parton, Gap Inc, and lots of startups that never launched.

On smaller projects I often found myself handling everything from planning, design, and implemntation. On a larger team I would typically find a role helping translate design and user experience needs between teams or disicplines as someone comfortable with front end and back end code who also spent a lot of time in photoshop.


I've been using any camera I could get my hands on to make short videos and movies my entire life but when my partner and I had our kid I started taking that interst more and more seriously.

Eventually I started shifting my contract work from web development to video production - making ads and short documentaries for local clients. I was doing this full-time until March 2020 when I tapered back my client work to focus on my role as a stay at home dad.